Accepted Papers

    Aishwarya.R and S. Sudha, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, India

    Asthma is an incurable disease and the effectiveness of its treatment is dependent upon how efficiently patients use their inhalers. Evidence shows that the level of nitrogen oxide in the exhaled breath can indicate signs of inflammation in the airways. An implantable MEMS device is designed to replace the inhalers and it will contain a breath sensor and a drug delivery system. The MEMS device contains an array of sensors which get activated by a hand held device .The device sets off an alarm if the level of nitrogen oxide is very high which indicates an impending asthma attack in the next twenty-four hours. Depending on the level of nitrogen oxide, the MEMS device will inject a corticosteroid (preventive drug) or a bronchodilator (rescuer drug) into the body. Precise drug delivery and zero drug wastage can be ensured. The device will have a programmed microprocessor, sensor feedback loop and wireless telemetry.