6th International Conference on Advanced Information Technologies and Applications (ICAITA 2017)

Venue : Werrington Park Corporate Centre, NSW(Near Penrith), Australia
October 28-29, 2017, NSW(Near Penrith), Australia
Tentative Program Schedule
Hall - 1 October 28, 2017

Session 1: Chair : Shawon S.M.Rahman, University of Hawaii-Hilo, USA


09:30 - 10:00 AM
10:00 - 10:40 AM Invited Talk : Shawon S.M.Rahman, University of Hawaii-Hilo, USA
10:40 - 11:00 AM -------------Break--------------
11:00 - 11:30 AM
Accelerated Bayesian Optimization For Deep Learning
Ayahiko Niimi (Future University Hakodate,Japan) and Kousuke Sakamoto (Future University Hakodate,Japan)
11:30 - 12:00 AM
Optimal Sizing and Placement of Distributed Generators and Capacitors in Radial Distribution Network
Partha P Biswas (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore), P. N. Suganthan (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) and Gehan A J Amaratunga (University of Cambridge, UK)
12:00 - 2:00 PM ------------------------Lunch Break-------------------------
02:00 - 02:30 PM
Acute Leukemia Classification Using Convolution Neural Network In Clinical Decision Support System 
Thanh.TTP (Pukyong National University, Korea),Ki-Ryong Kwon (Pukyong National University, Korea) ,Giao N. Pham, (Pukyong National University, Korea) and Suk-Hwan Lee(Tongmyong University, Korea)
02:30 - 03:00 PM
The Five Layers of the Internet on the Computing Level
Bing Li (Xi'An Technological University,china)
03:00 - 03:20 PM -------------Break--------------
03:20 - 04:00 PM
Multi-View Feature Fusion Network For Vehicle Re-Identification
Haoran Wu (Tianjin University,China), Dong Li (Tianjin University,China), Yucan Zhou (Tianjin University,China) and Qinghua Hu (Tianjin University,China)